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Employment Data in Jackson County

Employment Data in Jackson County
While Jackson County is one of the West Virginia leading counties there is room for improvement in both the state and in Jackson County based upon a recent report. The total number employed residents was 11,360 in December 2018 versus 11,200 in December 2017.
Employment Trends
Highlights of the employment data presented on the preceding page are as follows:
Compound Rate of Change in Total Employment 2012 to 2017:
US 1.8 %/year
WV -0.8 %/year
Jackson County 0.8 %/year
Compound Rate of Change in CPI and Total Wage and Salary Income 2012 to 2017:
CPI Rate of Change 1.1 %/year
Wage & Salary Income Growth
US 3.8 %/year
WV 1.0 %/year
Jackson County 3.3 %/year
Jackson County’s total employment increase over the 5-year study period as did total wage and salary income. Total employment in 1st and 2nd Quarters of 2018, the latest data available, show a significant increase in total employment of 8,894 and 10,800 based upon https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/…/publicatio…/ei/EI_201703.pdf and http://lmi.workforcewv.org/Employment_N_Wages/EnW.html