AeroReady Certification Awarded to Mark Whitley and team
AeroReady Certification Awarded to Jackson County

AEROready™ certification involves the deep analysis of hundreds of site selection criteria with emphasis on the following 10 items:

  1. Assessment of airport property, facilities, navigation equipment, runway, taxiway and available property
  2. Availability of local training of technical skills often needed by aerospace companies
  3. An FAA certified A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) training facility located within reasonable proximity
  4. Available industrial building(s) or hangar(s) suitable for aviation development
  5. An available skilled workforce suitable for aviation employment, over 70 skills analyzed
  6. Adequate infrastructure to support the aviation industry
  7. Aviation support service business and industry in the region
  8. A community’s pro-business environment and ability to financially support a marketing effort
  9. Proximity to University-based aerospace programs and research
  10. Quality of Life assets in the region, which are essential to attracting executive talent.

AEROready™ certified communities, regions, or sites reduce risks for potential aerospace companies to locate in the certified areas. Our certification validates the community/region is ready for an aerospace industry, that there is an ample supply of labor and quality sites, opportunities to customize the training of labor, and the utility and transportation infrastructure is in place.