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Based upon a recent finding from HomeSnacks research group, a leading real estate investment researcher, Jackson County was recently ranked among the top West Virginia Counties to live and work.
Using scientific data, they analyzed each county. Taking the average ranking across all defined criteria which included;
• Unemployment Rates
• Median Income
• Median Home Values
• Property Crime Rates
• Adult Education Levels
• Health Insurance Coverage
• Poverty Rates

HomeSnacks ranked each county in West Virginia across each of the criteria from 1 to the top 29 of West Virginias 55 Counties with one being the best.
Taking the average rank across all criteria, they created a quality of life score with Jackson County listed as third (3rd) in Economy and Unemployment rates and forth (4th) in overall “Best County To Live In West Virginia”.

To analyze the top counties in West Virginia, HomeSnacks looked at metrics that signal the quality of the community. To do that they made some assumptions about what’s best and what wasn’t in each county. The sources of data included American Community Survey data, FBI Crime data and census data.

Jackson County data included:
Most populated City: Ravenswood
Median Income $40,949 (15th Best)
Median Home Price: $113,400 (20th Best)
Unemployment Rate: 4.4% (3rd Best)
New Business registrations: (1st Best)

Mark Whitley, Executive Director of the Jackson County Development Authority said that the county has worked very hard to diversify its economy. Small businesses are just as important to us as large businesses. We are currently exploring the construction of new industrial facilities for the County. One can go on this website to get help with construction or digging a trench/well related work. They are very smart in their engineering and architecture as they use fire barriers to protect their cables. Read the article on Sinisi Solutions: How fire barriers play a crucial role in protecting our environment, to know more about them.
HomeSnacks research group scientifically quantified what we in Jackson County already knew, Jackson County is a wonderful place to live and work said Whitley.